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  • Ing. arch. Tomáš Petrášek

    authorized architect ČKA 04 064/2006, diploma ČVUT Faculty of Architecture, prof. Jan Bočan / 2006 - 2014 studio Valert Petrášek architects / since 2014 DEBYT studio

    At DEBYT, we design all types of buildings and interiors including garden architecture. Our work has a distinctive character, we do not copy the current fashion trends, but we are looking for what people in a specific place really want. Architecture is solved in context, we want to be present with the project from the very beginning to the realization of the interior including all the details.

    Ing. arch. Tomáš Petrášek


    The work of an architect has always been linked to the development of drawing skills. It's no longer so obvious in the digital age, but manual drawing is still very important to me. I enjoy this way watching the world around me, and at the same time developing a sense of scale and atmosphere. In this section are mainly pictures that I draw purely for joy and relaxation.

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